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    Digital Gift Vouchers (Sm@rtVouchers™)*

    Participation open to Individuals, Small Businesses, Companies, NGOs and Municipalities from Non-Sanctioned Countries; Governments.


    *Our Digital Gift Vouchers are NOT Blockchain Cryptographic Tokens.


    It is important for everyday people, businesses and various parties other than accredited investors, those in Barbados and those around the world abroad who love Barbados, to be able to contribute financially to the positive transformation of the Barbados economy as well, while obtaining meaningful value in return. They can do so by directly supporting the global consortium of companies which are committed to deploying their innovative technology solutions in Barbados through the SM@RT BARBADOS Sustainable Economic Development Initiative, while also contributing to the preparatory and administrative costs associated with financing and executing the planned major development projects in Barbados.
    The participating consortium companies have existing products and services that can add a new tech-centric dimension to the Barbados economy, that will credibly accelerate economic growth in terms of
    • creating new higher paying tech jobs and training Barbadians to do them - EMPLOYMENT/EDUCATION
    • attracting major new sources of significant foreign direct investment - INVESTMENT FUND
    • attracting a new category of affluent visitor and driving increased visitor spending - ADVANCED UX DESIGN
    • creating major new FX inflows from daily trading activity with the rest of the world - EXPORTS/E-COMMERCE
    Sporadic isolated commercial projects, while still of value, will not have the desired level of transformative impact if not optimised in terms of technological inputs and synergistic integration with a broader national development plan. Consequently, co-ordinated implementation of a portfolio of multi-sector projects incorporating the latest technologies, all designed with a macro national development focus rather than a soloed focus on individual profits, can be a powerful catalyst for major economic growth.

    Municipalities, Companies, Small Businesses and Individual Citizens in Barbados and around the world, who either have a need for one or more of the products and services offered by the group of international companies leading the SM@RT BARBADOS initiative, or who simply wishes to make a contribution to and support what is an exceptional initiative for Barbados.




    To participate, you will be purchasing discounted Digital Gift Vouchers that carry the right to access/use any of our global consortium partners' B2B or B2C products, solutions or consulting services, as well as products or services offered directly by SM@RT INC. The vouchers give you discounted access to a range of technology solutions relevant for many municipalities, companies, small businesses, educational institutions, charities, associations, etc., along with a few individual/consumer-oriented products and services currently being added. It is the standard stored-value gift card/certificate model, practically identical to the purchase of a plastic iTunes Gift Card, but implemented for now as a visual digital graphic with a redemption code, rather than a blockchain-generated cryptographic token.


    A More Familiar Form Factor, Accessible to Everyone. No Blockchain Wallet Required.
    As the above image shows, one of the globally and legally accepted definitions of the word "TOKEN", is "a voucher that can be exchanged for goods and services, typically one given as a gift or offered as part of a promotional offer. We had always intended to sell Blockchain tokens representing "digital gift vouchers" which we call "Sm@rtVouchers™"; it is simply that the form factor of a Blockchain token currently would prevent the token purchase participation of people in North America and Europe who are not accredited investors, including thousands of Barbadian expats who are keen to support the economic development and transformation of their home country.
    We have therefore decided to forego the use of Blockchain-based tokens for the time being for our "Utility" Offering. Instead, we will be selling and issuing Digital Gift Vouchers (Sm@rtVouchers™) in a visual/graphic form factor which buyers will receive and use either on their laptops or their smartphones. Visually, our "Utility" digital gift vouchers, will look like any plastic gift card you will see being sold at your local convenience store and their redemption functionality will be same. The key difference, however, is that when you purchase our SM@RT BARBADOS™ Digital Gift Vouchers, you will receive from 10% up to a 250% "Crypto CashBack™" Reward.
    The "Crypto CashBack™" Rewards will be issued as an ERC-20 blockchain token (SM@RTZ™), which as our Loyalty/Rewards Cryptocurrency, will be the only means of payment that will be accepted for rental or touring access to SM@RT's first Sustainability-focused, Smart Home Condo Development & Tech Solutions Showcase, scheduled to be built in Barbados in 2020 subject to successful funding via foreign direct investment. SM@RTZ™ can also be used to purchase other SM@RT products and services.

    Above are images of three Digital Gift Vouchers (Sm@rtVouchers™) associated with three of the SM@RT BARBADOS consortium companies. When you purchase a company-branded digital gift voucher (Sm@rtVoucher™), you're supporting both that company and the administration of the SM@RT BARBADOS Sustainable Economic Development Initiative.


    How the UTO Voucher Sales Proceeds will be utilized.
    Most of the funds raised from our Utility Token Offering (50-79%), will be used to enhance the technical output/production capacity and feature set of the participating companies' product/service solutions, which they will be deploying into Barbados via the projects that make up the SM@RT BARBADOS initiative. The remainder of the funds raised from our Utility Token Offering (21-50%) will be used to meet the preparatory and administrative costs for the SM@RT BARBADOS™ initiative, including the follow-on Security Token Offering (STO), will be launched in 2020.
    Bear in mind that when you purchase a Digital Gift Voucher (Sm@rtVoucher™) branded for a particular company, you are not making a donation to the company. You are simply purchasing that company's product or service in advance and they have the right to use those funds to enhance their business operations. Those enhancements will mean greater efficiency when it comes to implementing their product or service within the Barbados economy and potentially greater potency of impact as well.
    The consortium companies are carefully selected by SM@RT, focusing on both startups and more established companies which had powerful solutions capable of transformative economic impact when deployed intelligently.